Modelling for Fashion Designers

William Joel Hernandez Abreu models for two New Fashion Designers; Jack Capstick and Nathan Micallef from Arts University Bournemouth. He worked with students from BA (Hons) Commercial Photography on the photo shoot and video.

The photo shoot was themed on the catwalk idea and fashion magazine spread, both designers exhibited as part of the Prep HE Summer Show 2015.

Jack Capstic: Jack Capstick, Fashion Pathway; Preparation for HE, AUB exhibited as part of the Prep HE Summer Show 2015. Jack won the “The Pathway Prize for Fashion, this year.

Nathan Micallef: Nathan’s main concept for his garment was to have the pieces, he designed and created fit both the male and female figures. The inspiration came from his visit and experience in Florence Italy. He was mainly inspired by the Duomo Cathedral and by other architectural details found around the city. He also wanted to push androgyny with a more feminine detailing over a more masculine silhouette which made a balance, that would work on both genders.

Model: William Joel Hernandez Abreu
Creative Director: Violet McClean
Fashion Designers: Jack Capstic and Nathan Micallef
Stylists: Violet McClean and Arron-Paul Speiser
Photography: Charlotte Green
Filming: Jessica Bland
Photography & Studio Assistants: Marianne Villamin, Ellie Moult and Maria Noakes