From Cuba to the UK

William Joel Hernandez Abreu was born in Cuba and has been dancing from an early age.

He moved to the UK in the late 2000. He ran his own dance school at Que Pasa, Southampton (UK) from 2004 to 2009 and have since expanded his profile in the UK.

Having graduated from the School of Ballet and Performance at Jose Maria Romero Escuela National de Show & Expectaculos, his dancing career began with an education from Tony Menendez; who is a wellknown choreographer, dancer and Cuban actor. And so William has danced with Rosa Maria Diaz, Elena Martinez Suavez and Carmen Sosa Hernandez.

He has since extended his portfolio to include DJing and music production.

Influenced by his Afro – Caribean culture he brings a unique style to his music and dance.  Since the 19th century Cuban music has been hugely popular and influential throughout the world. It has been perhaps the most popular form of regional music since the introduction of recording technology. Cuban music has contributed to the development of a wide variety of genre and musical styles around the globe, most notably in Latin America, the Caribbean, West Africa and Europe. Examples include rhumba, Afro-Cuban jazz, Salsa, Soukous, many West African re-adaptations of Afro-Cuban music (Orchestra Baobab, Africando), Spanish fusion genres (notably with flamenco), and a wide variety of genres in Latin America.