TheGallery, AUB - March 2015
More and more contemporary galleries and artists are collaborating with Video Jockeys (VJs) and Disc Jockeys (DJs) to explore connections between the arts and their audiences.

TheGallery invited Ilze Briede (Kavi) and William Joel Hernandez Abreu (DJ R-Nandez) to collaborate on a digital piece in response to the Jerwood Drawing Prize Exhibition, as part of TheGallery’s Pop-Up Exhibition Programme.

Inspired by the flow of life, the flow of music and the flow of lines in a drawing, the piece explores the relationship between perceiver and perceived using a digital language. Digital art transforms the medium of drawing by creating a narrative that engages the viewer in a different activity.

In this piece, digital media and music design come together to create an alternative response to the way we see drawing. The animated piece blends in with the drawings, while involving the audience into a play of colours and lines.

“FLOW” comments as well as challenges the concept of the exhibition by bringing up questions about the expansive qualities of drawing in contemporary art. The motion is embedded in the stroke and pressure is applied to the paper, in the same way that it translates to the digital plane.

In a broader sense, this piece shows the way in which digital manipulation can be applied to traditional ways of making art. By looking at rhythm in relation to the works in the exhibition, the piece examines the relationship between music and drawing by demonstrating their mutual qualities such as movement and sense of space.


For further information on Jerwood Drawing Prize visit Jerwood Visual Arts Website

Arts University Bournemouth

Ort: TheGallery, Arts University Bournemouth

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